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We are passionate proponents of our local communities – some even call us idealists. 

Yet our observation has been community sectors within private (business), public (government & education), and social (associations, agencies & faith-based organizations) attempt to solve community problems with superficial collaboration.

The common shortfall?  A “perceived” lack of resources.



Our experience is a Community Innovator has a concept which is typically greeted with one of three responses:

(1)  Sorry, we don’t have enough time;
(2)  Sorry, we can’t allocate leadership – staff and volunteers;
(3)  Sorry, we don’t have money to invest.

Our response is the opposite.  A Community Innovator has a concept and we listen.  Yes, listen.  Suddenly their concept matches a desire of another which resembles another. 

This begs the question, What if solutions already exist to the community problems which currently paralyze or divide us?


Community Impact, Inc. mobilizes collaborative Servant Leadership Communities to secure your sustainability because of our unique capacity to offer your organization:

(1)  Too much time (empowering board governance for directors & staff);
(2)  Too many leaders  (a cloud-based human resources infrastructure);
(3)  Too much money  (a donor-honoring relational stewardship system).

Yes, we are idealists.  Idealists with a mission to advance your organization’s mission.  You have a dream.  We merely offer the skeletal infrastructure to sustain and advance your aspirations.



Many of us have already tasted success in our careers.  But what do we crave?  Significance.  The opportunity to make a measurable community impact.

You have choices: 

(a)  You can wait until the next election in hopes that red goes blue or blue goes red;
(b)  You can believe resources are scarce;

(c)  You can be just as idealistic and offer yourself and family as a part of the solution!

Together we are offering communities community and tackling major problems. All things are possible for such a time as this!  Join us and find your purpose-filled significance.