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Our Vision for Communities

Our desire is to offer communities community via sustainable organizations.

Our giftedness is in administration and offering creative solutions to attain the ever-elusive element of sustainability.  We are not consultants.  We are administrative partners in the achievement of your unique Vision and Mission.  We believe in the abundant provision of time, money, and leaders.

This is not a new endeavor.  We simply believe a sustained community impact can best be achieved together through intentionally coordinated community collaboration.

The challenging assignments we are willing to engage:

  • Ensure every child is prepared for Kindergarten with a capacity to learn;
  • Eliminate the ever-increasing academic achievement gap;
  • Eliminate any waiting list for children, youth, or family who seeks a mentor;
  • Engage and inspire students and employees to eliminate the plague of presenteeism;
  • Eliminate the re-offense rate within our state prisons and county jails;
  • Revitalize neighborhoods by providing home repairs for low-income and elderly homeowners;
  • Eradicate the obesity epidemic and heart disease;
  • Eradicate substance abuse.

Walt Disney gathered a high-capacity team and environment when creating the plans to fulfill the original vision for Florida’s E.P.C.O.T. (Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow) Center.  Obviously we are not proposing developing a whole new city;  but, we do propose coordinated community collaboration in a high-capacity environment may very well unlock transferable solutions to many of today’s problems plaguing our cities.

We invite you to view this video as Walt casts his vision which was never fulfilled due to his premature death.  E.P.C.O.T. was to become the very centerpiece of the Florida project;  yet, it obviously became something dramatically different than Walt’s vision.  What if Walt’s team would have fulfilled the vision to better our cities through experimental collaboration?

He has a great quote, “We know what our goals are.  We know what we hope to accomplish.  and believe me, it’s the most exciting and challenging assignment we ever tackled.”