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Together we can impact entire communities!

measure everything

Metrics reveal the creative impact your Mission achieves.

board governance

Our visioning and  Values Governance retreats are a great resource for any Community Innovator.  We are also eager to assist in the re-development of your existing Board so as to facilitate the clarification of roles and foster the articulation of organizational outcomes.  Such prescriptive clarity is a genuine asset to each Board member, Executive, employee, volunteer, investor, and customer.  Customized to your needs.


expect a return

Non-profit is not an excuse for no profits

generous stewardship

We are all called to be stewards of the resources offered to us.  Stewardship and sound accounting practices are essential to your organization’s sustainability.  We recommend cultivating lifelong donors and customers as it is far better to retain than find new ones.  Our administrative system will free you to foster and enjoy authentic relationships so as to share the stories of how you are uniquely impacting the community.

unleash resources

Together we can make a collaborative difference.

servant leadership

Building upon the bedrock of Values Governance, organizational and business executives can empower employees and volunteers to achieve measurable outcomes.  Our performance based system is based upon the principles of Situational Leadership™.  “Partner for Performance” as managers are flexible to match their leadership style with the each associate’s development level for each task. 

wherever you are

Wherever you are @ is where your greatest impact – as a servant leader – will be.


Our Servant Leadership Communities are available to offer their unique leadership capacity.   Any time you can save money on fixed budgetary expenses, it is as good as generating new sources of income.  Therefore, our negotiated relationships with vendors will bless your organization.  The gift of administration offers streamlined processes resulting in a lean infrastructure.  Accomplish more with less.