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Our experience is community-based organizations are led, primarily, by relational Executives.  You are leading this venture because of the organization’s Vision and Mission.

We want to accelerate the advancement of your capacity to lead your organization.  Your Board of Directors, Executive, staff, and volunteers are uniquely qualified to fulfill your Board-directed outcomes.  No one can achieve it better!  Therefore, our Executive Staff seek to serve your organization through the gift of administration.  We enjoy serving you at your point of need. 

Administration is merely your organization’s skeleton.  No one notices when it is done right yet everyone seems to notice when it does not exist.

We view this “new economy” of Do-More-With-Less as a great opportunity for your organization.

A far greater community impact will be made when we genuinely collaborate with one another.  We can do far more together inter-dependently than we ever could independently.  We look forward to serving your administrative needs.  Whatever it takes to free you to enjoy the fruits of leadership!