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While many lament a perceived lack of time due to limited staff and busy volunteers, we believe just the opposite.  We offer an abundance of time for the organizations we serve.  When organizations link clear definition of relevant roles with inexpensive cloud-based communication products, organizational outcomes will be achieved – pleasing the Board of Directors and attracting more donors and volunteers.
In a world of increased virtual technology and online communication applications it is reasonable to administrate projects online.  This values volunteers and unpaid staff as they can focus upon their families between 6:30-9:00PM.  Project advancement can occur during your volunteers’ availability in their preferred seasons.  For some it is at 5:30AM for another it could be during their lunch break and for others it could be at 10:00PM.   This is why it is vitally important for your organization to utilize virtual technology.  Multiply time with minimal cost and fulfill your unique missional aspiration.

“TOO MUCH TIME” can be routinely discovered as organizations adapt to virtual technologies.