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Generous Stewardship

Just as we recommend donors have a balanced portfolio we presume non-profit organizations should have a balanced income portfolio.  An organization lacks fiscal sustainability if they rely too much upon grants or a singular source of income.

Donors invest in relationships and measurable outcomes.  Organizations with an administrative system for donor appreciation and regular communication will certainly attract life-long donors.

Furthermore, donors are not asked to spend their resources, which is subtraction.  Fiscal resources are designed to multiply;  therefore, our premise is donors invest their resources so as to produce an ongoing impact within their community.  This is important as the majority of your organizational income should originate from cultivated relationships interested in your unique missional ambition.  Donors invest because of your steadfast pursuit of an aligned purpose.  They are not piggy-banks.  Donors are investors.

Offering organizations TOO MUCH MONEY assumes relational systems for communicating results.